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My Name is Kerise (Ker- Rhys), I am 20 years young, I am from a town in the South of Wales but I am moving up to Bristol to study, I love photography I am not very good but I am getting there slowly, I also love to read and I love writing little stories (they may make an appearance here too). After I finish my studies at university I plan on going out to the third world countries to help out. LoveMusic

Scrapbook of Life
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Devon- 22/08/11 • Katy Perry - 19/10/11 • Devon 2.0 - 23/07/12 - 31/07/12 Newton Faulkner - 18/10/12 • Ed Sheeran- 24/10/12 • Gower - 07/06/13 - 09/06/13 • Gower 2.0 - 06/07/13 - 11/07/13 • Starting University - 09/09/13 • Paramore - 21/09/13 • First Placement - 16/01/14 - 14/03/14 • My 21st - 05/02/14 • Newton Faulkner - 28/02/14

About me


what really messes me up is that taylor loves us as much as we love her? like. it’s completely mutual. it’s even possible that she loves us MORE than we love her. i love taylor swift so much i’m emotional

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Never felt this lost…


when you message somebody and it says “seen” and they don’t reply



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